language delay?
Dear Mrs. Chiu,
Thanks for your question!
In the milestone of a 3;02 kid,he should be able to utter short sentences e.g. 我搭車車返學校; and should start to use some adjectives e.g.杯杯(好乾淨), some connetives e.g. 媽媽(同)我去街街 . Kids at this age range should be very curious and like to ask questions, they now are emerging to ask "who" and "why" questions etc.
It is very important to note that whether he's shy to speak in front of teachers or he really has such limited verbal expressions. From your description, he only say some single words at home, so, I think he may have certain degree of language delay. In this case, I recommend you to faciliate his verbal output at home and you may consult a speech therapist to assess his problem as soon as possible for early intervention.
For any more questions, please feel free to jot a word here!

Dear speech therapist,
I have a question about my 3;02 son, he is now studying K.1, but the teachers complain that he has limited language......I am worring about that and find you in internet.
At home, he usually say some single words to express himself, but I think he can understand what we ask him to do....what can I do now? Is it a case of language delay as claimt in your web-page?

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